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At DianiSea, the health and safety of our guests and employees has always been our top priority. COVID-19 has changed every facet of our world and the way we do business. In an effort to stay safe & healthy, we have updated our cleaning guidelines thoroughly and implemented additional processes and procedures to ensure your health, safety and comfort as part of the new ‘WeFocus’ initiative.

We are committed to delivering world-class luxury experiences that address the most important needs of wellbeing and safety through responsible practices that are immensely relevant in the unprecedented circumstances we face today. These improved protocols will be adapted based on WHO & MOH requirements and recommendations, to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all our guests from arrival to departure.

#WeFocus touches on all facets of our hotels operations. From revised protocols for back of the house activity at the receiving dock, back offices, laundry room to the public areas, we have heightened sanitization measures for guest luggage, walk ways, all way to room service.

Covid-19 will not leave us anytime soon, it is therefore essential that we focus in protecting everyone who works, stays and collaborates with us as we open our doors to a new era in the history of travel.

Please download the form and fill before you arrive. This will reduce your check-in time and help with our COVID measure.


Below is the 10- steps protocol for DianiSea Hotels, part of our #WeFocus initiative:



Daily health screening, including temperature checks; Frequent sanitization of all associate common areas; All the hotel employees will be required to sanitize their hands more frequently throughout the day and when entering/leaving the hotel; Thorough re-training on proper hygiene and best practices, and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);



Increased frequency of sanitization. Hygienic hand sanitizers are being placed in all public and back of the house areas like reception, public restrooms, guest corridors, offices, kitchen, and staff lockers; Disinfection of counters, door knobs, furniture, staircases every 30 minutes for high frequency areas; Increased cleaning of air conditioning units and air filters.


Social Distancing

Signage and distance indicators will be used throughout the hotel in high-traffic areas to allow for and encourage proper social distancing; Both guests restaurants and staff cafeterias seating will now conforms to social distancing requirements of 2meters.


Food & Beverage

Attendant-only served buffets or plated meals served by our staff wearing masks; Seating capacity will be reduced and spread out across the restaurants and patio areas; Restaurant hours will be adjusted to allow all guests to sit and dine at their leisure with appropriate distancing from other guests; Room service orders food will be delivered and placed outside the room in accordance with social distance guideline.


Arrival Experience

All the hotel guests and their visitors will be screened for temperature when entering/leaving the hotel according to MOH guidelines; All the hotel guests and their visitors will be required to sanitize their hands when entering/leaving the hotel and before entering the restaurant and bar ares; The hotel will offer advance check-in/out process prior to arrival/departure to avoid queuing experience and allow for social distancing.


Food & Beverage Outlets

All cleaning and disinfecting measures follow HACCP, WHO and MOH guidelines; Kitchens will be deep cleaned and sanitized at a higher frequency including the cleaning of food prep stations after each use; All dining tables, chairs and common furniture will be disinfected after each guest use.



Contactless transactions, where applicable; Animation gadgets will be cleaned after each use and single guest use will be highly encouraged; Pool furniture will be arranged for proper social distancing; Thorough disinfecting of equipment in fitness centers with limited capacities.


Traffic Flow

High-traffic areas will be designated as one-way passages to include wider aisles, where practical; Informational signage throughout all locations to communicate information such as recommendations, health alerts and guidelines from the MOH will be posted.



Reduced capacity limits and scheduling modifications; Wearing of mask will be required; Stringent cleaning and disinfecting following each service; Modified treatment protocol to ensure guest and staff safety.


Guest Rooms

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of guest rooms; All our rooms will be sprayed with the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by WHO and MOH to sanitize surfaces; Single-use amenities provided in each guest room; Requested items will be delivered in a contactless manner.

“Best Medical Care in Diani”

We partner with Diani Beach Hospital. Please read on for information from
Diani Beach Hospital and all the services they offer:


Diani Beach Hospital is a prestigious private medical facility close to Diani Sea Resort and Diani Sea Lodge. The hospital has been operational since 1997 and has established itself as the premier private healthcare facility in Kwale County. The current COVID-19 pandemic has naturally raised some issues about the ability of hospitals to handle such cases should the need arise. We are fully equipped to deal with any such patients should the need arise. The following details summarize our capabilities to help address any queries that arise in the current scenario.
Facilities at the hospital include:

• 24 hour out-patient clinics run by professional and qualified Physicians, Medical and Clinical Officers.

• In-patient facilities ranging from luxurious en-suite private rooms to semi-private rooms and general wards.

• Ability to isolate patients diagnosed with COVID-19 so that there is no cross contamination and spread of the infection to non-COVID-19 patients.

• For critical cases we have a 3 bed ICU which is one of the best in the region with ventilators, piped Oxygen supply, defibrillators, and a range of emergency medications which are fully stocked at all times.

• Ground ambulance – Fully equipped Advanced Cardiac Care ambulance to help in ground evacuation of sick and critically unwell patients.

• 2 major operation theatres – although we don’t expect COVID-19 patients to be undergoing any major surgery.

• Partnership with a leading private laboratory in Mombasa for testing and diagnosis of COVID-19 cases.
Profile of doctors/staff:

• Dr A B Tiwari, MBBS, MD (Anesthesia): Dr Tiwari has over 28 years experience as an Anesthetist and Intensivist. He is the key person in ICU and is able to quickly intubate and place on ventilators patients in need of this part of management.

• Dr Rajgopal. V, MBBS, MBA, FAM, MRCP (UK), MRCPE, MRCP (Lon.): Resident Internal Medicine Consultant with over 20 years experience. In charge of medical management of COVID-19 diagnosed patients.

• Dr Rekhi K S, MBBS: CEO and Medical Director in charge of the overall running of the hospital and ensuring that all necessary supplies are in stock and the departments function together as a team during critical care.

• Mr. Tinu Jose: In charge of the ICU and handling of critically ill COVID-19 patients.

• Ms. Rehana: Matron of the hospital in charge of the nursing team.

• Visiting consultants in the departments of Internal Medicine and Critical care for support during increased work load.

• 5 qualified Medical Officers and 25 Clinical Officers to ensure medical coverage in the OPD and in-patient sectors.

Our staff have ready access to full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and this is critical for handling COVID-19 patients.
Hospital details:

• Website: www.dianibeachhospital.com and www.dianihospital.com.

• Email: info@dbh.co.ke, dr.rekhi@dbh.co.ke and dr.rajgopal@dbh.co.ke.

• Emergency phone numbers: +254700999999.

Best Regards.

Dr Rajgopal. V, MBBS, MBA, FAM, MRCP (UK), MRCPE, MRCP (Lon.)