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Diani Beach

Diani Beach


Diani Beach Africa is the continent blessed with bountiful nature and a number of eerily beautiful places that cannot be found in any other spot on earth. On of these exceptional places is Diani Beach. The white sand here covers some 25 kilometers and flows gently into the warm Indian Ocean. It is located on the south coast of Kenya and is known as a tourist center for its beautiful beaches and proximity to some of the best national parks. The gigantic reef, which serves as a natural shield against waves, ensures that the water is wonderfully quiet and relaxing. Divers and snorkelers can be found here regularly admiring the beautiful coral and colorful fish on the reef.

A real highlight of a trip to Kenya should be a true safari. Diani Beach is located one hour from Shimba Hills, 6 hours from Tsavo and a short plane away from the Masai Mara. Looking directly into the eyes of a lion is an indescribable feeling and is always one to be remembered. Kenya’s national parks are home to the Big Five and many more that are not to be missed.

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